Normalizing the Conversation About Stream

As our team developed and tested ExtraAim, it we wrestled with how to take the social stigma out of the words pee and peeing. We know it makes people a bit squeamish. Relieving ourselves is a private act, done behind closed doors. However, urinating – or peeing – is natural. So how do we start the conversation around this issue?

Before we were toilet trained the act of peeing was celebrated. Obvious adults don’t need a gold star after each flush. But as we age peeing comes back into focus. A hearty and steady stream is a sign that our organs are doing their job. Bodily fluids are cleaned via the process of water passing through our kidneys, bladder and finally our urethra. So why are so many adults unsettled about pee talk?

Urologists, as you might imagine, often have a great sense of humor when it comes to “talking pee” and exhibit an ease and openness on the topic. Here at ExtraAim we are hoping to begin a dialogue with our customers around peeing, urinating or even whizzing.

We want to normalize conversations around the topic. In doing so, people will feel more comfortable and open about the natural when exploring some of the issues around peeing, bathroom hygiene and improved quality of life when it comes to urinating at home or on the go. With open communications information and education prevail. And when information and education exist, health outcomes and activities of daily living improve.

Introducing ExtraAim: A Guy’s Best Friend in the Bathroom

Welcome to ExtraAim, a new concept to help men pee straight in the bowl
and keep bathroom floors free of puddles and germs.

Too often men dribble, miss and overshoot a toilet bowl leaving a mess behind. It’s a problem as old as time and begs for a simple solution. Meet ExtraAim, a first-of-its-kind solution helping eliminate those difficult bathroom moments when an urge to pee is followed by an urge to flee a puddling crime scene left behind on the bathroom floor.

ExtraAim is brand new product category for men. It’s the first and only disposable urine guide for men. It’s simple to use, discrete and for pennies a day you can buy your bathroom dignity back – no mess, smell or dirty looks from your friends. Millions of guys are faced with a daily challenge of dealing with an uncooperative stream. Maybe you’re a dribbler, who can’t always reach the bowl. Or maybe you’re packing some extra pounds and have blind spots and miss the mark. Still some men pee scatter shot, leaving a mess behind. ExtraAim eliminates those embarrassing bathroom moments.

ExtraAim is a single-use paper sleeve with sturdy finger-friendly handles that help men guide their urine streams straight into a toilet – bullseye. No mess. Each sleeve can be folded to be pocket-friendly and is made of a sturdy coated paper that pops open fast so you can quickly, conveniently and discretely use any bathroom without worrying about leaving behind a mess. When you’re done just toss the recyclable ExtraAim into the trash.

We are excited to introduce ExtraAim. We also hope, in so doing, we remove the taboo around the topic of male urinary health. After consulting with urologist, doctors and conducting nearly a year of field tests we are finally open for business.

Welcome to ExtraAim, the world’s first easy-to-use, inexpensive, non-surgical, non-
pharmaceutical option to help men maintain their dignity at the same time hit the bowl
every time.