Q. Who would use this?

A. Millions of men have urine stream issues due to a variety of causes including: enlarged prostate or prostate cancer, urinary tract abnormalities, injuries, etc. Our goal is to offer a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical solution that’s easy to use and inexpensive

Q. Isn’t it easier to sit down? 

A. Some men have physical challenges sitting down and getting back up into a standing position, so it’s more comfortable for them to remain in a standing position. Also, toilet seats in shared bathrooms (e.g., unisex bathrooms in offices or restaurants) harbor germs. It’s better to minimize contact and direct urine right into the bowl.

Q. Can it be used by left/right handed people?

A. The double handle can be used at any angle, so this works for both.

Q. Is the reusable ExtraAim™ easy to clean?

A. Yes, just rinse with soap and water, and place back in the holder.

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