Normalizing the Conversation About Stream

As our team developed and tested ExtraAim, it we wrestled with how to take the social stigma out of the words pee and peeing. We know it makes people a bit squeamish. Relieving ourselves is a private act, done behind closed doors. However, urinating – or peeing – is natural. So how do we startContinue reading “Normalizing the Conversation About Stream”

Introducing ExtraAim: A Guy’s Best Friend in the Bathroom

Welcome to ExtraAim, a new concept to help men pee straight in the bowland keep bathroom floors free of puddles and germs. Too often men dribble, miss and overshoot a toilet bowl leaving a mess behind. It’s a problem as old as time and begs for a simple solution. Meet ExtraAim, a first-of-its-kind solution helpingContinue reading “Introducing ExtraAim: A Guy’s Best Friend in the Bathroom”