Introducing ExtraAim™

Easy-to-use male urination guides

Need to control your stream?

You’re not alone. Millions of men are affected by a decreased or irregular urine stream due to enlarged prostate and urinary tract abnormalities. Until now, the only solution has been surgical intervention or prescription medications. Now there’s ExtraAim™. A non-invasive, natural, inexpensive and easy way to regain control of your urine stream.

On the go?

No problem. ExtraAim™ offers a disposable, easy to use male urination guide that is foldable, pocket-friendly and discreet. ExtraAim™ is constructed of sturdy coated paper with a handle. You can maintain control of your urine stream whether you’re home or on the go. ExtraAim™ will help you keep the bathroom and your clothes looking and smelling clean.

Improve your quality of life

ExtraAim™ gives you 100 percent confidence every single time you go. Never be embarrassed by a smelly bathroom or pee on your pant leg again. Always feel confident, no matter your stream or where you go.

Take Control & Stay Clean

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About Us

ExtraAim™,  the first and only urine stream guide designed for men.

Our urination device is designed to guide the urine stream directly into a toilet/urinal preventing urine from splashing on the floor, clothing and skin.

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